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Very Vanilla Fragrance, 10 ml

  • Soft and sweet, Vanilla is a popular note used in fragrances.  It has heady, feminine qualities and some rich with woody patchouli.

    It is a spice derived from orchids of Vanilla obtained from pods of the Mexican species, flat-leaved Vanilla.

    The word itself is Spanish derived, meaning little pod.  

    Extracts of Vanilla help repair your body at the molecular level.  They have also been linked to lesser risks of various diseases, such as cancer and diabetes.  Plus reducing the effects of aging and promoting more vibrant skin.

    It is a spice high in antioxidants, which helps protect your body's cells against free radicals and toxins.

    Vanilla as a health care is able to reduce fever and fights infections that may cause fever, and reduces inflammation from fevers.

    It is the second most expensive spice after saffron.

    The nature of the bean does not allow for the distillation process which produces essential oils, but perfect as a fragrance.

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