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It is here in Wanaka, a resort town on New Zealand’s South Island, where we started in 2019 to handcraft our clay pebble diffusers and our exfoliating pumice stones, from selected caving sites near the Tasman Bay.

It was in 2017 in a medieval village in the south west of France where we started experimenting and producing the pebbles.  On moving back to New Zealand in 2019 after an absence of 18 years it took only 2 months to find the mix of New Zealand clay to enable the same recipe to succeed.

Our product uses all natural materials and is unique to New Zealand.


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South Island Clay
Lagoon Shot
Nelson Caving Clays
Clay pebble Set with Drop Dish & Tiare Oil $36 b
Blue Clay
Face & Body Pumice Set $35



A subtle mix between clay and a perfect cooking time gives our pebbles a pourus finish which enables them to diffuse.  Clay is the material that diffuses the best of the essential oils without breaking down their nature.

These pebbles are ideal to gently fragrance rooms ranging from 8M2 to 15M2 (bathrooms, small bedrooms, dressing rooms, toilets, office, cars etc).

To reinforce the pebble with fragrance, you’ll need to pour the essential oil or the fragrance extract directly onto the pebble, usually by way of 2 or 3 drops every 2 – 3 weeks.

To change the fragrance, leave the pebble in hot water (minimum 10 hours) to remove the previous fragrance and to return the pebble to its neutral state. This will avoid mixing fragrances.




A special clay and precise cooking gives our exfoliating pebbles an alveolar structure, that we impregnate with soap.  Softer than a pumice it is very easy to use.  Humidify the pebble, or simply wet it, place it onto the skin and start moving it gently and the soap will appear.  You will exfoliate and cleanse the skin at the same time.  The results are amazing, your skin becomes smoother and brighter.

The pebble is ideal for all footcare, as it gently scrubs any callosity and cracked heel.  The pebble can also be used for a body scrub.

The applications are endless (as a result of gardener, mechanical work, cooking etc).  The pebble deeply cleanses the most tenacious of stains.

The pebble can also be used in the kitchen as it eliminates any bad odour (garlic, onion, fish etc).

It can be refilled indefinitely by pouring liquid soap directly onto the pebble and letting the soap absorb.

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