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Gently scent your home with a handcrafted clay diffuser.

Looking for an essential oil based diffuser? Rockaroma’s selection includes beautiful clay pebble diffusers to gently scent your home, refresh your air, and awaken your senses. All-natural and handmade in Wānaka NZ - shop online now!

Clay Diffusers

Clay is the best material to enhance and diffuse oils and extracts of a fragrance without breaking down their nature. Rockaroma diffusers are handcrafted using New Zealand clay and are ideal for scenting your home, your car or as a gift to friends.

They’re less invasive than room sprays, safe for children, and won’t break or spill easily. You are sure to be impressed by our clay, designed longevity and durability.

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Conveniently shop from anywhere and have your order delivered to your doorstep.

We also visit regional markets and fairs - contact us for details.

Follow the link below and start shopping! Please note that no further discounts apply to our existing deals.

We offer various payment methods, including PayPal, to purchase our oil diffusers and other products. Browse our collection today.

Rockaroma’s collection includes beautiful clay pebble diffusers and a range of delicious scents for aromatherapy and simple pleasures.

Clay pebble diffuser


Our organic clay pebbles are made in Wānaka from local clay. They are an excellent way to get a consistent, light, soothing aroma, they look gorgeous, and fit seamlessly into your decor regardless of your style. A subtle balance of clay and natural ingredients along with a perfect cooking time gives our recipe the perfect porous finish, enabling them to diffuse. Clay is the ultimate material for diffusing the best of essential oils without breaking down their nature.

Our pebbles at Rockaroma are ideal for aromatherapy and gently fragrancing any room ranging from 8sqm to 10sqm, such as your bathroom, dressing room, toilet, office, and car. You can also use it to lightly scent your bedroom.

Any questions?

To reinforce the pebble with a scent, you’ll need to pour the essential oil or the fragrance extract directly onto the pebble, usually by way of 3 or 4 drops every 2 weeks.


If you get tired of your current perfume one day, leave the pebble in hot water for 6-8 hours to remove the previous scent and return it to its neutral state. This technique avoids mixing aromas when you change your oil.

Rockaroma pebbles are everlasting, unbreakable, and 100% organic. That means there will be some variations in all of our clay items - especially in the orange and blue colour marbling. To learn about our complete terms, visit the Rockaroma terms and conditions

Soapstone: Exfoliating pebble

Using the right clay and the perfect cooking times gives our exfoliating pebbles an absorbent structure that we imbue with soap. Softer than pumice, the exfoliating pebble is very easy to use.

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"Bought my clay pebble diffuser in Arrowtown today, also bought one for my daughter who absolutely loved it along with the Very Vanilla fragrance oil. I also loved the White Sage and Lavender fragrance oil. So many lovely fragrances to choose from and so many lovely coloured clay pebble diffusers to choose from too. Very pleased with my purchase."

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Buy our handmade clay oil diffusers today!

You can buy our products directly from our online store, simply by adding the product you want to your cart, selecting your payment method, and using your own existing payment card to purchase your order. We have different shipping and delivery criteria depending on whether you are a resident of New Zealand or Australia. If you have any questions about shopping online, contact us, and we will sort them.


Disclaimer: All of Rockaroma's oils are not intended for consumption or application to the skin. For 100% essential oil products please refer to your doctor or chemist. Many claims made about aromatherapy are based on conjecture and are not always backed by scientific evidence.


Here at Rockaroma, we love creating long-lasting, quality products for our customers to enjoy for life.

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