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Super large ULTIMATE diffuser set with double size pebble.  Includes 2 bottles of 15ml fragrance oil.  A FREE car diffuser with every purchase over $50 while stocks last.

 Please select 2 fragrances from list.  

ULTIMATE Picasso Diffuser Set with 2 bottles of 15ml oil

  • Clay is the material that diffuses the best of the essential oils or extracts of fragrance, without breaking down their nature.

    These clay pebble diffusers are ideal to gently fragrance rooms ranging from 8sqm to 10sqm (bathrooms, dressing rooms, toilets, cars, office, etc).

    To reinforce the pebble with fragrance, you simply add 2-3 drops of oil directly onto the pebble.  The pebble will already be infused and good for 4-6 weeks. 

    To change the fragrance leave the pebble in hot water (6-8 hours) to remove the previous fragrance and to return it to its natural state.

    Every pebble is one of a kind and its colours are unique.
    The colouration is a natural result following the cooking process.  What you receive may not match the images you see on the site as there are never two pebbles or dishes the same, however, we do ensure all pebbles match the dish included in the set.

  • Clay is a natural product and all items that we craft are unique. The colour and design results can vary from time to time. We always do our best to get as close to the picture you have chosen as possible, but there will be variances.

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