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Full Pumice Set PICASSO RND dish Exfoliating Clay Pebbles

  • Clay Pebble Exfoliating Pumice Set for Body and Face

    Includes a ceramic dish, a large pumice stone for the whole body, including hands and feet, and a small pumice stone for the face.

    Large Pebble:

    A subtle mix between clay and a perfect cooking time gives our pebbles an alveolar structure that we impregnate with liquid soap.  Softer than pumice, it is very easy to use.

    Simply humidify the pebble, place it onto the skin and start moving it gently and the soap will appear.

    You will exfoliate and cleanse the skin at the same time.  The results are amazing.  Your skin becomes smoother and brighter.

    The pebble is ideal for all foot care, as it gently scrubs any callosity and cracked heel.  It can also be used for a body scrub and is excellent for the hands.  The applications are endless (as a result of gardening, mechanical work, cooking with garlic, fish or onions). The pebble deeply cleanses the most tenacious stains.

    The pebble can be refilled indefinitely by pouring liquid soap directly onto the pebble.

    Exfoliating pebble for the face: 

    The small exfoliating pebble for the face is a subtle mix of clay with a very fine grain that is ideal for scrubbing the sensitive skin of the face, the chest and the top of the hands. 

    Pour the hydrating oils directly onto the pebble (Argan oil, Almond oil, etc) and start scrubbing gently.

    To clean the pebble simply leave it in hot water for a few hours.

  • Clay is a natural product and all items that we craft are unique. The colour and design results can vary from time to time. We always do our best to get as close to the picture you have chosen as possible, but there will be variances.

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